Data to Value develops & maintains your data infrastructure so that you can focus on making better decisions again.

What we want for our clients

Some of the clients we got to work with

How we help our clients
MarTech Implementations

We implement your MarTech solutions and integrate them into your Marketing Stack and Data Warehouse solution.

Marketing Data Support

We support your marketing organization and provide them with the right data at the right time to make their decisions.

Custom Development

We'll build the custom solutions you need to fully integrate and automate your marketing data infrastructure.

Our Preferred Tools & Platforms

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Google Analytics 4

We help our clients get the most out of Google Analytics 4. We’ve been using it since the beta version and are fully up-to-date on all it’s new  features (and bugs) and requirements for implementation. 


Snowplow Analytics

Snowplow Analytics (hosted on GCP) is our tool of choice for organizations that outgrow the limitations of Google Analytics or prefer a First-Party Analytics tool for data privacy reasons. 


Google Tag Manager

(Server-Side) Tag Management is essential to your data strategy. We work together with your development team to get the most out of these powerful tools and provide you with the highest quality data.


Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is our weapon of choice for our most advanced clients. We help build and maintain marketing data warehouses for our clients so they can get the most out of their data.

Our Latest Blog Posts


Should You Use Enhanced Measurements in Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 has a feature called Enhanced Measurements which helps you to “automagically” collect a bunch of interesting events that you would normally have to manually configure. It’s a very powerful feature that can add a lot of context to your digital analytics implementation to make it more than just page views. But as with all automated features, there are also some downsides to consider.

Who are we?

10+ Years of Experience

We’ve been working in digital analytics for over a decade on the agency side. Which means we’ve gotten pretty decent at figuring out edge cases and spotting problems before they surprise us.

Remote & Asynchronous

We’re remote first. All our people are spread across the globe working for clients that are spread across the globe. We leverage technology to work asynchronously and we love it! 

We love MarTech

Although all our people have slightly different specialisms, we all share our love for marketing technology. Building data-driven marketing departments is what makes us happy.

The way we work with clients

Long term partnerships

Capturing value from data is an ongoing process, not a one-off project. Our clients understand that and work with us for a minimum of 3 months, but usually way longer as we increasingly tackle more interesting and valuable challenges together.

Proactive Service & Maintenance

Because we work with these long-term partnerships, we’re also able to deliver a proactive service where we actively monitor and maintain your data infrastructure, instead of reactively wait for you to uncover any issues. 

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