Data Processors for Data to Value B.V.

At Data to Value B.V. we use the following tools as data (sub) processors.

Tool NameType of toolHow do we use them?Their Privacy Policy
PipedriveCRMAll form submission data from the website. All newsletter subscriber data. All sales-related
LivestormWebinarAll webinar form submission data. All webinar attendance
KinstaHostingThis website is hosted on
Google WorkspaceEmail & DocsWe use Google Mail and Google Drive. link
SlackCommunicationWe use Slack for our internal work
MakeIntegrationWe use for tool integration
CodaDocumentation We use Coda as our internal knowledgebase and documentation
Google AnalyticsWebsite AnalyticsWe use Google Analytics to measure our website
Piwik PROWebsite AnalyticsWe use Piwik PRO to measure our website
Snowplow AnalyticsWebsite AnalyticsWe use a self-hosted version of Snowplow to measure our website
Google Cloud PlatformData WarehouseWe export most of the data from the tools we use into our data warehouse in Google Cloud Platform. link