We launched the Life after GDPR Podcast!

The Digital Marketing field is a relatively young but high-growth industry with millions working in it worldwide. Starting in the early ’90s, for the first ±30 years, we’ve seemingly moved in one single direction: gather more and more data about internet users to feed our tools and algorithms 🤖.

In our enthusiasm 🤑, we forgot about privacy.

Now, a paradigm shift is upon us. Our beloved tools and techniques are under siege from legislature like the European GDPR 🇪🇺 and American CCPA 🇺🇸, public opinion (fuelled by pop culture documentaries📽️), and even from within Big Tech itself (👋 🍏).

But instead of whining about it and acting like we don’t agree, (we all love those ad blockers ⛔️), it’s probably time to look at what we can do. To figure out how we can reach the right audiences and create great digital experiences while respecting our visitors’ privacy.

This is why we launched the Life after GDPR podcast!

We decided that a podcast would be the perfect medium to interview the right people and learn how digital marketing will change in the near future.

If you’re interested, head over to our podcast website Life after GDPR and check out our first episodes on all podcast platforms!